Our wines

Our story

I wrote these few lines to share with you as we would be introduced.

It is important to me that I personally tell you about Château Vannières with the passion and the respect I have for the winery, as my grandfather Lucien Boudot did, and as my son Charles-Eric will have: expand the domain and in turn transmit it to the next wine grower generation, as my ancestors did from one generation to the next for the past centuries.

First, we must talk about the soil of Provence, the origin of Château Vannières and Bandol, a magical place of clay and limestone soils where grow olive trees, cypress and stone pines. Also, the ‘Big Blue’ sea sculpts creeks and scarves deep abrupt and white inlets into the coast nearby. Finally, in the background blows the Mistral, our majestic wind that moves the area into a whirl of fascination.

Then comes the wine grower skills. I have adapted my inherited techniques from much drier conditions in Burgundy, resulting in giving our wines a unique entitlement and elegance.

Last but not least, we the Boisseaux most probably transfer into our wines our own vision of the world, our curiosity for modern tendencies and new technologies, our willingness to maintain the positive stress between tradition and modernity, our gastronomic taste for pleasing our senses, our taste for a certain style, a living art, an elegance in the attitude and the appearance, our own way to enjoy life while respecting our customers and our professional obligations.

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