A demanding wine grower family

Eric and Charles-Eric Boisseaux are receiving recognition today
for their meticulously acquired know-how,
from generation to generation
and on some of the French greatest wine soils.
Transmitting from one generation to the next

Boisseaux’s family spirit carries the values of the generations’ transmission and the constant pursuit of excellence..
Boisseaux’s are
a tradition’s agents

As the heir of a Burgundian family’s doings, Eric Boisseaux
loves his work. As he will eternally be an ambassador
of the French spirit, today he focuses on passing on to
his son Charles-Eric the secrets of Château Vannières.
A large southern country to serve the table experience

Mourvèdre, Grenache and Cinsault traditionally for red and rosé Bandol; Clairette and Bourboulenc for white Bandol.
 The grape varieties reveal their personality in the great wines of Château Vannières.
In Château Vannières,
we are growing excellence
the French way

Eric Boisseaux is dedicated to the
love of eating and living well:
"I make wines to serve dining at
the table or simply to drink well."
Vannières is the Baumes’ massif wild jewel

Since always, Eric Boisseaux has worked the most naturally possible without altering the richness
of his land.